About Us

My name is John Emerson. I have been fly fishing for 38 years, the first 20 of those years on lakes, stillwaters and large reserviors with the last 18 years on rivers for grayling and trout. I have represented my Country in both loch style and rivers teams. I also have represented England in the Commonwealth and European Teams. I  am a professional fishing guide and a keen coarse angler.

Unique Flies

“Unique Flies” was set up to offer both experienced and novice anglers a quality range of barbless river flies. Gradually I introduced some of the specialist hooks, leaders, indicators, rods and reels sourced in the Czech Republic and used by the top leading Czech anglers.

My products are all from Hanak who is a friend and excellent fisherman. The Czech anglers have proven their abilities and for many years dominated the competitive river and lake competitions.